Basic Cell Phone Etiquette tips You Need To Know

cell phone etiquette: It is of no question again that almost everyone needs a cell phone but not everyone knows about the importance of knowing the major cell phone etiquette. I’ve come to notice that the way most people use cell phones these days have gotten out of hand, the cell phone is not the main issue but the user itself. I feel everyone deserves to know the rules and principles controlling the use of cell phones. I would be sharing with you guys few protocols on how to use your cell phones. Never talk in public transport. You can just turn off your phone or have it on silent mode better still. It’s a public transport with different people you don’t who is also with you in the bus, so you’ve to limit your emergencies call. Never take personal calls during business meetings, interviews, co-workers, on a date e.t.c. It is always polite to keep your phones out of site, seeing your phone on the table makes it obvious that they are not your top priority. 3. Always avoid texting when you’re in a face to face conversation with someone. This simply makes the person unappreciated. Be wary to not to cause offense by texting in the presence of others. 4. While waiting in line, never take important calls. If your phone rings and you feel it’s a must for you to answer let the person know you’ll call back and hang up. 5. Always lower your voice when talking in public places. It is advisable to always apply the 10-foot rule or zone from the nearest person including windows while talking on a cell phone, it is for a safe measure. Nobody is interested in your conversation. 6. When you’re in a noisy environment or during high traffic, always use your hands-free it helps you hear your amplification. Read Also Face Your Fears 7. You should always limit your cell phone use in the following places elevators, cinemas,restaurants, hospitals, churches or place of worship; always have your phone on silent mode or turn it off everyone in church deserves to worship in goodwill. 8. Do not use lousy or annoying ringtones that could distract the environment 9.  Never multi-task while making calls like cooking, shopping, banking e.t.c 10. Always apply common sense while posting on social media, you should be very careful. You should always bear it mind that once a post is publish it is publicized already, this apply to texting as well. In Your Spare Time, You can Update Your Music Playlist At Thanks for reading you can also drop comments if case any Related