how to get rid of shoe odor

How to get rid of shoe odor

Shoe odor

can make you feel embarrassed not only that it can make you throw up if you come across some stinky shoes. There was a smelly shoe I witness in a public transport after a passenger sitting beside me removed his shoe, it was so disgusting. I’m thinking of sharing my experience in a public transport but that’s a post for another day. It is important to know why your shoes stink so as to ease you in getting rid of the odor.

What causes shoe odor?

There are different causes of shoe odor. One of the major causes is growth of bacteria, the odor is caused by bacteria in the  warm moist inside your shoe. The bacteria feed on the dead skin cells of the feet, which in turn causes bad odor.

Another cause of stinky shoes is wearing improper shoes and socks. Avoid wearing ill-fitted shoes with less ventilation, this causes bad odor

There are other related causes of smelly shoes like some wounds in the foot or disease in the foot nail like nail fungus.

Here are few ways on how to to treat your smelly shoes

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1. Orange peels helps to remove odor from stinky shoes. So if you’ve that shoe odor start saving your orange peels instead of throwing them away. The peels absorbs odors and leave the shoe behind with a fresh citrusy smell.

2. Do not wear the shoes everyday, you should always give your shoes break while you interchange them.

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how to get rid of shoe odor

3. Make use of black dry tea bags. You simply take out the tea bags after using them for tea, dry them before placing them in your shoe. Place one tea bag each in both pair and leave it all through the night, this work well for fighting odor because they are so penetrable. Wondering how tea bags get rid of smelly shoes, black tea contains tannic acid which contains ingredients that have a protective effect on the skin, it prevents foot sweats and palm sweats. Tannic acid will kill the bacteria in the shoe and dry it.

how to get rid of shoe odor

4. Baking soda serves so many uses, it is an excellent deodorizer, it can also be used to toss out a shoe odor because baking soda neutralize the stink. After using your shoes, put a tablespoon of baking soda inside each shoe, leave it overnight. Do this every night until the odor goes away. Just don’t forget to dust out the baking soda from the shoes in the morning.

5. Make sure you wash your feet regularly and thoroughly with anti-bacteria soap. Always make sure your feet is dry before placing them in your shoe. After wearing your shoes, wash your feet with soap and mild soap. Do not forget to dry the shoes as well.

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how to get rid of shoe odor

6. Alcohol will not only root out the shoe odor but remove the dirt and kill the bacteria. Make sure you dry your shoe, then pour enough alcohol in the shoes place the shoes in an airy area to make sure the bacteria disappear as soon as possible. Do not forget to avoid the alcohol from touching the outer parts of the shoe especially if it is made of leather, it might just ruin the part of the shoe.

how to get rid of shoe odor

7.Newspaper is also a good way to clear out a shoe odor. Crush your shoe with a crumbled newspaper, it works special because of the carbon in the news print. Newspaper absorbs the moisture and get rid of the odor as well.

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