A recap on my 2017

A Recap On My 2017: Top 5 Lessons I Learnt

A Recap on my 2017:

It is just few days away from the month of January and I’m here sharing a recap on my 2017. However,, this post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Zaynaro; when I read about her post on “4 lessons 2017  taught  me”. 2017 was both good and bad, a lot was taught; some was in the easy way while some in the hard way but I’m still thankful to God for the grace to overcome every of the challenges that came across my way and still made me laugh at the end while I learnt my lessons.

Today I’ll be sharing my top five important lessons amid so many lessons taught all through 2017 .

A recap on my 2017

1. SECURE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: I’m not a saint neither am I close to perfect but I know anything that doesn’t start with God will definitely have a bad ending. There was a point in 2017 when I could tell for myself that my relationship with God wasn’t what he wanted for me but glory be to God for His grace and mercy over me. This is 2018 and I’m still working day by day on my relationship with God. Like my mentor  “Bishop David Oyedepo” would say, “it is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful”.

We serve a decent and orderly God; He is a God of plan and purposes; put God first in everything, pray about any little thing and sit down while he does the miracle. He will definitely surprise you with miracles; we serve a prayer answering God not a prayer storing God.


A recap on my 2017

2. WALK WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Moving with the wrong set of friends can lead you astray, like far away from your dreams, besides that you should always surround yourself always with friends who has a define target, who know what he/she lives for; Moreover not a friend who doesn’t support your craft or a friend that takes life the way it comes; who is not ready to work and thinks success happens overnight, a friend doesn’t have a dream or vision; and don’t forget what the word says about lack of vision “where there is no vision, the people will perish”; I hope you understand the word “perish” if not let me break it down; according to the greek text, “it simply means to be stripped of honour and dignity”.

Hence, if you’ve that friend that falls in any of the category mention above, don’t twice just cut him/her off. Your friends should be a source of motivation and inspiration. With the presence of God, hardwork  and if you roll with the right clique you are just a step forward to your dreams.

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A recap on my 2017

3. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE: I was used to this bad habit in 2017 and before I knew, it was becoming part of me and the moment I start comparing myself I’ll look pitiable which is not supposed to be so cause by His grace I’m to be envied not to be pitied. I will compare myself to others in their field; what they’ve achieved and all but I later got to understand that we are all different people, made for different purposes, have different assignments to carry out.

Therefore, I knew I was set to fulfill a different course, so i stopped wasting my time comparing myself to others, instead i took that time to set goals for myself, work on my goals, pray to God and have faith in Him and believe me I got way better and happier.

 A recap on my 2017

4. BE YOURSELF: One of the most unpleasant situation witnessed in life is not being real to one’s self; thus, it is the greatest self punishment ever. Always be real to yourself, it gives you peace of mind. It is either you are lying to yourself or telling the truth. A lot of people don’t know what they really want. In cases where you feel a friend of yours is doing what he likes and he is doing really good in the aspect and you also want to do same thing just because it works for your friend, don’t be sad if it doesn’t work for you.

A recap on my 2017

It is cool to let someone inspire you but you should have a definite focus, everyone can be working separately, yet together ; towards one goal. Most important, stop deceiving yourself because you are the best version of you.

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A recap on my 2017

5. JUST DO IT: I’ve always wanted kick off my blog earlier than I did but I was scared cause I wanted to blog basically on lifestyle, a bit of fashion and all, but I’ve always had this thought; what if I run out of content, what if I don’t get anyone to like what I’m doing? Or was it the thought on how to raise funds for photographers when it comes to taking pictures. When I was about to start the blog, God surprised me more than I expected, everything came at ease; He blessed me with a phone which serves as my camera for now and trust me I’m happy and really doing good with it, secondly; also a big thank you to my brother; Israel for the support and love.

Therefore, whatever running through your mind, start it up now and waste no time. The road to success isn’t smooth, you’ll definitely come across some challenges but it is just gonna build your fearlessness and make you more better and stronger.


A recap on my 2017

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