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     Happy Love Day Love still doesn’t have a specific definition, But the feeling of being in love is magical. Most of those in love still can’t explain, Attracted by unexplained forces of life, The feeling been mutual makes it perfect. Different kinds of love all around, But means the same to different people. Love being the greatest feeling on earth, Should be shared among all not just one. Everyday should remind you of love, But a day is specially given to love, To remember lost love,to celebrate love, To remind someone they are still loved, To cherish your loved ones around, And most especially to share love to everyone around…

  • Love Valentine

    Top Romantic Date And Gift Ideas To Try Out On Valentine Day

    Valentine’s Day is just few hours away, which means it is time to plan the perfect romantic date! … Wondering how to make your lover special this Valentine? Don’t stress much; we’ve got you covered. I’ve decided to be of help and put up a post on date and gift ideas for the most gifting, experience and romantic Valentine’s Day, even though I have never had an eventful Valentine! ROMANTIC DIY BACKYARD DATE: Stay at home and have a romantic and affordable dinner for two. You don’t have to bother yourself about super expensive meals. If you don’t have the funds, just gather what you have at home and make…

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    Wise Words:THE REAL YOU

    The Real You The Real You: I read all the chapters in all the books, But I couldn’t remember the question, I climbed seven mountains and valleys, But couldn’t see the real beauty in life. I purchased the best technology in the world, But i couldn’t connect with my emotions. DOWNLOAD MIGOS CULTURE II I swan the deepest and widest ocean, But I couldn’t drift away to find love. I conquered my greatest fear, But I couldn’t find peace within me. Then I came to realize that, It’s not all about being perfect that matters, It’s all about unleashing the true you, And loving yourself every step of the way.…