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My Danfo Story: The Struggle Of A Danfo Bus Passenger

 The Struggle Of A Danfo Bus Passenger

If you are a Lagosian and you’ve had the chance to enter Lagos public transport; the yellow bus known as Danfo bus you can easily relate to the experience I’m about to share. Danfo bus is a yellow public transport bus which conveys approximately 16-18 passengers, it is a mix of characters, the gentle, angry, born again, talkative and so on. Moving in Danfo bus is quite stressful and annoying , during my long break from school; I was privileged  to work a firm so I was always moving from Danfo to Danfo; I could remember the travail of a bus passenger, sometimes I wish I could just get to my destination in a sec and sometimes I do enjoy the trip and wish the ride won’t end.


During this period, I got to know that these Danfo buses are called with different names; there is this particular long Danfo bus called “ETI BUS”, and there is other one called ‘FARAGON BUS”, I’m not so sure about the spelling; I still can’t figure out how they came up with the name but I’m not surprised still cause that’s Lagos for you.

                         ETI BUS


                  FARAGON BUS




Today, I’ll be sharing a list of 5 kind of people you’ll find in Danfo buses:


I could remember I had this experience on a Monday morning, I was on my way to work at Ikeja. We were stuck in the traffic, the passengers had nothing to do than to keep their selves busy with politics talk and all, then this smell came from nowhere and filled up the bus, everyone attention was diverted to the smell; they had no choice than to cover their nose. While we were still recovering from the disgusting smell, the person in charge had to drop another one  and people couldn’t take it any longer, a passenger from the back started yelling out Yoruba language saying things like God will punish you, your head isn’t right, you’re wicked and all; you can tell how Yoruba women behave. It was so hilarious that everyone in the bus were laughing uncontrollably.



At any time of the day, when you get into a Danfo bus, you’ll meet at least one person who falls into this category. I had a bad experience with a sleeper during Ramadan fasting, she was not just sleeping but disturbing me with her head even though I cautioned her more than twice she couldn’t just stop. I understand maybe she didn’t get to sleep early, and still had to wake up very early to get to work but it doesn’t give you access to disturb passenger’s shoulder with your head. I was so in a good mood I had to let her be. If you’re one of those that can’t do without sleeping, please do such nicely and never disturb a passenger’s shoulder with your head .



I don’t know if it is a personal or business call, but I’m sure they spend long hours making calls. I wonder how people make important calls in public place, I’ve said something related to this cell phone etiquette. Personal calls are not to be taken in public places, Danfo bus is a commercial bus, you don’t have to make important calls or talk for long, nobody is interested in your conversation. If you fall in this category, try to always keep your conversation short with your voice on low or better still let the caller know you’ll back.



Danfo bus is filled with different passenger with different manner. At any time of the day, when you get into a Danfo bus, you’ll meet at least one person who is an amebo. They interfere in any conversation, they have no shame they can go to the length of turning their neck just to see what is going on in your phone. I could remember how I shunned one amebo  who kept bugging about my personal chat. Be wary of those who sit close to you. Be watchful be you do anything cause an amebo will never stop scanning you.



Obviously all Danfo drivers have their own way of handling the vehicle. They drive so rough that a Danfo driver does not mind if his bus is scratched (since the paint quality is poor and Danfo is repeatedly in need of a new coat paint). Danfo drivers change lanes dangerously and are generally a danger to other road users. A bus I boarded was trying to switch lanes in front of a petrol tanker and I think he was pissed cause he felt the Danfo driver was trying to prove smart, it led to a fight; the driver had to leave the steering on motion and that almost caused an accident. Up till this moment I can’t figure out why did that, he didn’t bother had passengers in the bus. We had to beg to calm him cause no one wants to die.

Thank you for reading,Got any Danfo story? kindly share the love with me in the comment section

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