Hello guys, My name is Oloniyo Gbenga also know as Aceboygbenz, I’m the person behind this blog.  I am currently based in Lagos but schooling Akure. I’m a newbie blogger who is still getting to understand the blogging community, my blog is based on lifestyle, fashion, culture, style and many more



Gistminds is a blog for everyone, I created this blog as a way to let out my little knowledge on lifestyle, fashion and my write up. Gistminds is a place where we all come together to share informative content. It has different sections which are lifestyle, fashion, fairy tale, culture and all. My benchmark is 2-3 post a week depends on my schedule with school and all, I hope to deliver quality content cause, I would like gistminds to be an interactive blog where we can all rub minds together; you can tell from the name “Gistminds” I know everyone here has one or two things to contribute if not more, so let’s feel free to go on this journey to inspire others together. Let me know what’s on your mind, please always remember to share your opinion in the comment section and trust me I would gladly reply. Remember we’re all here to learn. I really hope you enjoy what you see and please tell a friend to visit when next you drop by. Thanks for your time Please send me an email to say hello or message me on instagram If you are interested in collaborations.