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    My Danfo Story: The Struggle Of A Danfo Bus Passenger

     The Struggle Of A Danfo Bus Passenger If you are a Lagosian and you’ve had the chance to enter Lagos public transport; the yellow bus known as Danfo bus you can easily relate to the experience I’m about to share. Danfo bus is a yellow public transport bus which conveys approximately 16-18 passengers, it is a mix of characters, the gentle, angry, born again, talkative and so on. Moving in Danfo bus is quite stressful and annoying , during my long break from school; I was privileged  to work a firm so I was always moving from Danfo to Danfo; I could remember the travail of a bus passenger, sometimes…

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    Tuesday Motivation: Be Your Own Best Version

    Be your own best version: What does it mean to be your own best version? It simply means to be yourself. We fail in the process of trying to be another person. We all have our own best version but fail to be the at version because we want to be another person. Everyone has that thing we are good at; that makes us unique and better than the other person. When I filled my first jamb form I chose English and Literary studies because I loved Mrs Ajelero, My Literature teacher and I wanted to be like her. I wasn’t able to get admission that year, I obtained Jamb…

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